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From the team at the St Mary’s Guildhall, and its passionate volunteers, St Mary’s Guildhalls Blog is where you will be able to uncover some interesting facts, myths and historic information about the building, and its famous tapestry. There will also be some enticing food blogs for those foodies out there!
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Researchers working on the Coventry Caribbean Community History Project – blog

Author: Holly Cooper, Project Coordinator and Jade McFarlane, CCCHP Project Participant
Researchers working on the Coventry Caribbean Community History Project, which is supported by the St Mary’s Guildhall community engagement programme visit De Montfort University...
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Author: Denise Wolff, Volunteer Blogger.
SHAKESPEARE AND ST MARY’S GUILDHALL   “Farewell, sweet lords. Let’s meet at Coventry.” Henry VI, Part 3 In this volunteer blog post, we discuss the...
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A Celebration fit for royalty: private parties at St Mary’s Guildhall.  

Author: St Mary's Guildhall
Nestled in the heart of Coventry’s Cathedral Quarter. St Mary’s Guildhall stands as a testament to centuries of history and grandeur. This iconic venue,...
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How Old Are You, Caesar’s Tower?    

Author: Stanislava Lisna, Volunteer Blogger.
Caesar’s Tower at St Mary’s Guildhall is the site of the Treasury and the Tower Room, and is a curious addition to the side...
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Music and St Mary’s Guildhall    

Author: Denise Wolff, Volunteer Blogger.
In this volunteer blog post, we discuss the musicians responsible for entertaining royalty from the earliest days of St Mary’s, as suggested by the...
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The Great North Window and its Glazier     

Author: Rosemary Siddles, Volunteer Blogger.
The Great North Window, better known as The King’s Window, dates from the 15th century. We only have approximate dates of its construction: the...
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My Work Experience Week at the Guildhall 

Author: Neve Allen, Work Experience Student.
I have had a fantastic week doing work experience at St Mary’s Guildhall. All the staff I have worked with have been very welcoming...
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The Coventry Cross: a recurrent revival    

Author: Laura Keep, Volunteer Blogger.
If you’ve visited Coventry city centre over the past few months, you’ve probably noticed the unusual monument under construction opposite Holy Trinity Church. Underneath...
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Beyond the Banquets – The Guildhall’s Long History of Accommodating Those in Need    

Author: Aamilah Noor, Volunteer Blogger.
What is instantly brought to mind when you think of the Guildhall?  You might see it as historically important due to its archaeological splendour,...
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