St. Marys Guildhall
St. Marys Guildhall


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St Mary’s Guildhall is committed to sustaining, growing, and sharing with the wider community this important historic building. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment wherever possible and use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide us on addressing the most pressing issues.

Aims: St Mary’s Guildhall aims to enhance the local economy, helping to enrich local visitors sense of pride of place as they explore Coventry’s important and often little-known history, while ensuring suitable financial income to conserve and protect it for future generations.


        Reduce transport emissions.

St Mary’s Guildhall is in the medieval heart of Coventry City Centre, there is no onsite car parking, and we actively encourage and partner with third party public transport providers to encourage lower emission travel methods for visits to St Mary’s Guildhall.

Our website and social media include walking route video information to enable guests arriving by foot or train to find us with ease. We also promote information regarding availability of nearby electric vehicle (EV) charging points in nearby locations and walking routes to other nearby visitor attractions.

        Sustainable consumption and production patterns.  

Our onsite restaurant where possible sources produce from local food suppliers and uses MSC responsibly sourced fish. We also stock a range of English wines and British spirits.

All our waste is processed via single-stream recycling, and we send zero waste to landfill to limit our environmental impact. 

        Protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of sustainably manage forests.

Our printed marketing material uses FSC paper stock. Our printers are also members of the Woodland Trust and Premier Paper, Carbon Capture scheme for purchasing paper ensuring funds are used to plant new woodland within the UK to reduce the CO2 produced during the paper-making process.

Further to that they are accredited with ISO14001 certification, and have been awarded the Kodak Green Leaf award for their environmental actions of which only 52 printers each year in the world are awarded annually.

        Promote Well-being.

The recent renovation of St Mary’s Guildhall also includes an extensive and inclusive range of activities within our community engagement programme provided thanks to support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The activity programme includes a range of events which focus on wellbeing for visitors and staff. Activities include hosting a top 10 mental health podcast (The Waffle Shop) live event within the Guildhall, a range of yoga workshops for visitors and staff, mental health first aid awareness training for staff and dedicated mental health first aiders onsite.

St Mary’s Guildhall also have available for visitors to borrow sensory bags and a resting space for visitors who may need to rest and relax for some time in a quiet comfortable space.

        Help to reduce traditional financial barriers to Heritage attractions.

St Mary’s Guildhall is an important cultural asset, which has been at the heart of our community for hundreds of years and we want to continue to be enjoyed by local communities and residents of Coventry along national and international visitors.

In order to facilitate this, we have partnered with Coventry City Council’s free to join GoCV scheme to ensure local audiences are able to enjoy discounted entry to this important historic building.

Go CV+ Card holders are able to gain free daytime entry to St Mary’s Guildhall. Go CV+ Cards are available for foster carers, students living with the Coventry area, registered carers, young person’s still in full-time education or persons in receipt of qualifying benefits. Go CV+ applies to children in family groups too. Find out more and apply for a GOCV card at

We also offer a range of community grants and offer a school access fund to qualifying recipients. Find out more at

  THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (

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Please note: the Guildhall will be closed on 19th June for a private event. The Tales of Tea restaurant will remain open during this time.
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