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Development Works 2020

St Marys works 2020

From January 2020 extensive works have been underway at St Mary's Guildhall to investigate the remains of the medieval kitchens, thought to be among the earliest surviving kitchens in the country. This is the first phase in a significant development project for the Guildhall which, subject to planning approvals, will also include improved catering facilities, public areas and meeting rooms, and a more interactive visitor experience, with improved interpretation of some of the Guildhall’s most important heritage features.

As our main kitchens will be taken out of service during these works, the Undercroft cafe will not be open, and we will be unable to cater for events at St Mary's Guildhall. Additionally, with works ongoing and contractors active in various parts of the site, for reasons of public safety and security the main venues and historic rooms are also not accessible to the public. 

The first phase is expected to be completed by the beginning of April 2020, by which time we'll have more details regarding the further work programme. Please check back here for updates on progress with these works

Update April 2020

  • Phase 1 works are now complete, finished just before the site was locked down to ensure COVID 19 social distancing conditions.
  • The modern kitchen has now been entirely stripped back to reveal the earliest surviving features of the historic kitchen
  • The original height of the medieval kitchen up to the roof timbers has been fully uncovered, following removal of the later floor, stairs and service rooms inserted as part of the 1950s remodeling
  • Planning Applications are being prepared for the more extensive Phase 2 works, and will be submitted shortly. We'll post a link to the Planning Application here when available, so that you can study the development plans in greater detail