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What to see

What to see


St Mary's Guildhall courtyard

St. Mary's Guildhall is one of the finest surviving medieval guildhalls in England, an unexpected treasure in the narrow, winding lanes of Coventry's historic 'Cathedral Quarter', and an oasis of historic charm and tranquillity in the bustling city.

First built in the 1340s for the merchant guild of St. Mary, it was enlarged between 1394 and 1414 and extensively embellished at the end of the fifteenth century. Soon after it was built, it was also adopted as the headquarters for the mayor and city leaders, and the corporation of Coventry remained here until the early twentieth century, when Coventry's present Council House was built.

The building still occupies a central role in the civic calendar, being the venue of choice for high-profile conferences, civic banquets and other ceremonies, as well as a regular filming location and highly regarded venue for weddings and prestigious receptions

Inside a series of rooms offer an insight into Coventry's past, with collections of early arms and armour, furniture and artworks providing a suitable backdrop to the fascinating stories shared by our knowledgeable guides, including links to Mary Queen of Scots and Shakespeare. The main attraction is the magnificent Great Hall, with its medieval stained glass, a ceiling of carved angels and, dominating an entire wall, one of the rarest and most important tapestries in the country.

To find out more see our historical highlights pages, and download our current visitor leaflet, or click on the buttons below to explore via interactive floor plans.

You can also explore our rooms and collections through online tours and resources.

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