St. Marys Guildhall
St. Marys Guildhall

Explore Coventry's fascinating history with immersive, curriculum-linked learning.

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A unique opportunity to step back in time.

Explore Coventry's fascinating history with immersive, curriculum-linked workshops that encourage historical enquiry, ignite imagination and inspire creativity. If you are an educator who would like to get involved with the development of St Mary’s Guildhall’s formal learning offer from Early Years to Higher Education, please contact The Education Team on

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A Guildhall full of fascinating stories

Ruling the city

In 1456, Coventry became the capital of England and home to King Henry VI and his queen Eleanor of Anjou during the Wars of the Roses.

Inspiring art and culture

The Great Hall inspired pioneering female author George Elliot, for the pivotal court scene in her classic novel, Adam Bede.

Fit for royalty

The Guildhall hosted royal visits and feasts for Princess Elizabeth, King James I, and King James II with performances from William Shakespeare.

The finest in Britain

The famous and rare medieval tapestry was installed in the Great Hall in honour of Henry VI in the 1500s before the Reformation.

Follow the journey of St Mary’s legacy

Regarded as a masterpiece of architecture, symbolism, and the finest Guildhall in Britain, St Mary’s is a historical charm within Coventry City. Explore the interactive and immersive kitchen soundscape smells in the medieval kitchens and dress up in costumes of those who were linked to the Guildhall. Surround yourself with medieval tales of Coventry’s medieval merchant guilds, royalty, and culture when you follow the journey of St Mary’s Guildhall legacy. 

Follow the journey of St Mary’s legacy

Information and FAQs

Download and fill our our booking form here and email this back We will be in touch to discuss and confirm your booking.

We have a lift to the first floor, as well as ramps and stairlifts. There is a new spiral staircase to the 2nd floor and separate spiral stairs to descend. Where there is no lift, access will be provided on a tablet with a 360 panoramic view of the rooms during the tours.

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Visit the historical Guildhall
Image source: Culture Coventry Trust / Coventry Archivesu0026nbsp;

Visit the historical Guildhall

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Discover fascinating medieval tales
Image source: Wikimedia / Public Domainu0026nbsp;

Discover fascinating medieval tales


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